Road Shows

Circle Star’s successful experience in planning and carrying out customized road shows, serves to develop valuable relationships with foreign companies and provides a platform to showcase your product or technology to a new international market. Participation in a Road Show before entering a new market, provides valuable information in order to make an intelligent decisions about penetrating the Japanese market – avoiding costly mistakes and irreversible errors.

Field-based Market Research
The Road Show replaces costly, and often, irrelevant market reports by providing real-time feedback from the market. During the Road Show, we will gather the following market information about your specific product or technology:
a) What is the most appropriate market segment for your technology or product?
b) Who is the competition?
c) What is the most effective pricing policy?
d) What certification and local regulations are required?
e) What modifications are required to launch your product? Who are the best partners?
f) What is the most effective method to support the market.

Meet Potential Partners
A road show provides you with the opportunity to get acquainted with the Japanese market and to begin negotiating business opportunities. During a road show we will arrange meetings with potential partners, colleagues, and strategic connections that have already been introduced to your product and expressed actual interest in cooperation. Through prearranged meetings, visits and exhibitions, we will expose your company and promote personal and business relationships with potential clients and business partners. At the same time, it provides us with important information required to understand your market, assess its potential, and map out the competition to efficiently launch your product.

Planning your Road Show
Preparation for a road show begins by thoroughly studying your company’s technology, product or service. Once we understand your vision and your global marketing strategy, we use our extensive network of contacts set up meetings with potential partners to present your product and start negotiations.

Typical road shows are normally from 5 to 10 working days. Our role is to provide you in advance with important cultural information, arrange all logistic and administrative details and accompany you throughout the visit.

Your company and products will be exposed to the right people, in the appropriate positions at the right companies. These meetings will provide important feedback regarding product localization for the Japanese market, as well as potential business opportunities. Products often have to adapt to the new market’s regulations or specific needs before they become marketable, and road shows are an excellent way to determine if and how your product needs to be adapted or improved.

After the road show, Circle Star is committed to closing the deal.

Please note! While the road show is important, Circle Star also offers market analysis and strategic business development services Let us know if you would be interested in detailed information.

Contact us today to plan your road show!

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