Company Profile

Established in 1995, Circle Star, a direct subsidiary of, Circle Corporation, a Japanese company, has been a leader in consulting and business development for Israeli companies entering the Japanese and Indian markets. With over 20 years’ experience successfully guiding companies through the cultural and business challenges of doing business in Japan and India, we provide true added value to our customers in the knowledge and understanding of the Japanese and Indian business culture. Together with our keen understanding of market strategy and business development, Circle Star provides all the necessary services to begin marketing and sales in these countries.

We provide each of our customers with a personalized service, tailored to their needs and budget. Our experience in building value for companies covers a wide range of diverse services, products and technologies. We guarantee to shorten your time to market, generate and increase your sales, increase your ROI, while minimizing the risks involved in entering these challenging markets.

Our focus is on small to medium companies, and our service is characterized with a personal, dedicated approach to each customer, carefully examining their goals and requirements, while defining a customized marketing and sales strategy.


Alon Cohen
Alon Cohen founded Circle Star Ltd in 1995 after working for years as a Sales Manager responsible for Japan in various high technology companies. Since founding Circle Star, he has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the Japanese market, from all aspects, including sales, marketing and business development. His extensive experience and knowledge in identifying growth opportunities and market analysis is leveraged to assure Israeli companies receive a tailored solution to ensure success.

Udi Wolf
Udi Wolf is a seasoned business development and sales executive with over 20 years of experience in the field of management, sales, marketing and business development for high-tech products in the IT & telecommunication industries. He brings this experience to the table when finalizing sales agreements, assuring both sides are committed to achieving milestones and sales targets. Udi combines a strong technical background with finely honed sales and marketing skills, together with a comprehensive business perspective. Skilled in recognizing market trends, he excels at studying and evaluating technologies and products to define a targeted strategy for market penetration. His successful track record in managing all stages of complex sales and marketing campaigns includes market analysis and research, lead generation, building sales channels, and partnerships.

Rajiv Varma
Rajiv Varma is Circle Star India’s CEO & team leader and brings with him over 30 years of working and developing markets for foreign companies with a wide range of products and technologies.
Mr. Varma is an entrepreneurial executive with years of solid experience in managing sales, marketing, operations, distributors, and partner channels at national and international levels for both start-up and established global corporations.

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