Circle Corporation

Circle Star is a subsidiary of the Circle Corporation, which was established in 1980 as Japan’s first third-party engineering service company. Initially concentrating on maintenance and MES services for IBM mainframe users, Circle Corporation later refocused its position and is now a global maintenance service provider, covering open systems and networks. Circle Corporation is currently a leading provider of enterprise infrastructure in Japan.

Circle Corporation has been serving the expanding IT needs of Japan’s Fortune 500 companies for more than three decades and currently provides services for over 500 companies; mostly large multinational companies such as Fujitsu, Toyota, Honda, Sony and NTT.

Circle Corporation’s strong commitment to leading change in the networking environment continues to be the cornerstone of its corporate vision. As the company that originally integrated mainframe computing systems in many of Japan’s largest corporations, Circle Corporation leverages its sterling record of exceptional engineering service and ongoing dedication to the changing requirements of its customers, integrating leading-edge technologies into Japan’s sophisticated enterprise environments.

Forward-Thinking Leadership

Circle Corporation’s Founder and first President, the late Mr. Yutaka Takagi, a successful entrepreneur with a keen eye for international developments, envisioned Israel as an ideal partner for introducing new products and services to the Japanese IT market.

With the help of Mr. Alon Cohen, Circle Star Ltd., was established in Israel in 1995 as a subsidiary of Circle Corporation. Circle Star’s initial mandate was to bring Israeli innovations to the direct attention of Circle Corporation management and to allow for rigorous evaluation and testing by the engineering staff prior to offering these innovative solutions to Japanese clients. Today Circle Star continues to serve as a launch pad for facilitating the business development efforts of Israeli companies, but it has expanded to include other international business development opportunities.

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