Business Development to Japan

Circle-Star’s full service approach to doing business in Japan includes all of the activities required to make a successful venture. We can offer you a tailor-made, turn-key solution or a project-based approach.
Circle Star is an approved company under the Israeli Export Institute program of “Accompanying and supporting Exporters in new markets” Click Here.

Our services cover the following activities:

1. Identify Strategic Partnerships
During this stage, our team studies your product or service, evaluates your market positioning, and recommends a go-to-market strategy tailored to your needs to penetrate the Japanese market.

• Road Shows
A well-planned road show is a cost-effective way to gain valuable information about your product’s potential, its competitors, your relevant targeted market segment, ideal pricing and the likelihood of success. Circle Star will plan, organize and accompany you on a customized road show. See here for details. (link to road show)

• Lead Generation
Our market research maps; potential partners and/or customers who will provide the Japanese support you require. We can leverage our extensive network of contacts and client base to arrange face-to-face meetings with prospective clients and introduce them to your solutions.

• Cultural Guidance & Lectures
Circle star will guide you and help you avoid cultural faux pas and unlock frustrating bottlenecks. With our cultural training in the Japanese way of doing business, you will know when to be patient and when to provide quick responses. One of our experienced staff who has “been there and done that” will provide you and your team with a comprehensive training program that will prepare you for the upcoming challenges.

• Closing the Deal

Once a partner is found, Circle-Star fully supports the negotiation process until deal closure and beyond. We will ensure you come to an agreement that is favorable to you and to your new business partner. We will also follow up to ensure the agreement is implemented.

2. Accelerate Market Entry
During this stage, we drill down further to produce an in-depth analysis of the Japanese market, from all aspects, including: market status and size, market channels, competition, regulatory issues, if relevant, and more.
• Marketing Consultation
Our knowledge of doing business with Japanese companies can increase your company’s chances for success such as defining product positioning and pricing, and facilitating long-term strategic planning for achieving desired marketing goals in the region.

• Regulatory Process & Certification
It’s best to be guided through the regulatory process from the very beginning to avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls that could delay your progress for months or years. We cooperate with local experts who will walk you through the regulatory and certification processes specific to your industry.

• Communications, Translation & Interpretation
Circle Star is dedicated to maintaining ongoing and harmonious communications with customers in your new target market, to ensure the smooth execution of agreements and to continually identify new business opportunities throughout the region. Circle Star can also provide reliable and accurate professional translators and interpreters that can accompany you to events.

3. Manage customer relationships
Our work starts just when you think it’s over! Our ongoing commitment means that we continue working with clients after the deal is signed to maintain your successful business presence . We keep up with the challenges of a dynamic market and take responsibility for ongoing communication.

• Ongoing Commitment

Once Circle Star is involved in your project, our commitment extends even after you have signed an agreement. We are involved on a daily basis, keeping in contact with your Japanese partner, assuring they perform as expected, and at the same time making sure our Israeli partners fulfill their commitments as well.
We keep updated with your product and marketing strategy and if necessary, we will look for new opportunities and partners if required.

• Full-Service Representation
We can provide support for administrative services such as company registration, office services like production and printing needs, legal services, accounting services, setting up local bank accounts, transportation and logistics.

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