Representing Japanese technology in Israel

Liaison for Japanese Companies in Israel
Circle Star provides an important service to Japanese companies looking to strengthen commercial ties with Israel. In this role, we can provide important support for Japanese companies seeking Israeli technologies or investments. Our experience in ‘bridging the gap’ provides our customers with substantial added value, where we can serve as the ‘front office’ in Israel for Japanese companies. Circle Star assures that the Japanese companies complete their business dealings successfully, guiding them through the Israeli business environment.
Our knowledge and access to Israel’s most advanced technologies means that we are perfectly positioned to identify the local partner to complement the Japanese business. Our experience covers a range of diverse industries, including, but not limited to:

– Clean Tech
– Cyber Security
– Automotive
– Water Technologies
– Medical & Life Science
– Telecom
– Information Technology – IT
– New media – Broadcasting, Media Publishers
– Agro Technologies

• Identifying the right technologies and Israeli partners

Our team studies your business products and expectations, and identifies the Israeli partners most appropriate for your requirements.

• Closing the Deal
We will assist and support the negotiation process until the deal is closed. We will guide and ensure your interests are protected and will sign an agreement that is favorable to you and to your new business partner.

• Ongoing Commitment
Our commitment extends even after the deal is finalized and Circle Star is dedicated to maintaining ongoing business relations and smooth communication with your Israeli partners. We continue to be involved as necessary, keeping in contact with you and the Israeli partners, assuring all expectations are maintained.
We keep current as new technologies emerge and are on the lookout for new opportunities and partners if necessary.

• Communication, Translation & Interpretation

We will assist in all aspect of hospitality in Israel assuring our Japanese partners an “easy landing” avoiding cultural misunderstandings

Circle Star can also provide reliable and accurate professional translators and interpreters that can accompany you to events.

We provide support for administrative services in Israel such as company registration, office services like production and printing needs, legal services, accounting services, setting up local bank accounts, transportation and logistics.

Contact us for more details.

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