Universal Lateral Positioner


Each patient is different.

How can you ensure they are properly positioned on the operating table when their anatomies vary?

The answer is simple: with a unique 3-point securing system called Universal Lateral PositionerTM. It offers more positioning options to accommodate various patient anatomies.

Why Choose the Universal Lateral Positioner?
The Universal Lateral Positioner System is ideal for occasions where patients need to be stabilized for surgery in the lateral decubitus position. In cases where primary and revision arthroplasty are performed, the Universal Lateral Positioner also provides a reproducible point of reference.

The Universal Lateral Positioner System can be assembled and customized to accommodate each patient’s anatomy. We offer two sizes: Regular and Large. In cases of obese patients, we recommend the large model (#1092L), which includes an additional 3” to the base plate and 1.5” to the anterior arms for additional fatty tissue.

This system contains the following components:
A removable inferior arm that puts no pressure on the lower abdomen.
A superior arm that can be independently adjusted and permits more precise contact with the iliac crest.
A patented hyperflexion plate that allows for a 120˚ range of motion.
A contour lumbar pad with latex-free foam that provides improved alignment and better pressure distribution.
Clip-on dual compression foam pads for anterior support arms that efficiently prevent skin irritation, speed up clean up time and eradicate adhesive build up (single patient use only).

The Universal Lateral Positioner System can be stored neatly in its sturdy storage case with casters for easy handling so it’s well protected while unused and easy to move and assemble when you need it.


Supplier: Innovative Medical Products Inc.,

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