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Ampoule breakage is a serious workplace health and safety risk in the healthcare sector as cuts and content contamination are more common than they should be.

 SnapIT Reduces the Risk of Injuries

Did you know that opening an ampoule or touching broken ampoules causes 26% of needlestick and sharps injuries and that opening ampoules and vials are the most frequently reported circumstances of sharps injuries?

When the neck of an ampoule is snapped off, the sharp edges on both the ampoule and the ampoule lid can cause serious cuts, not to mention the dangers of content contamination.

SnapIT and SnapIT Lite both reduce the risk of sustaining sharps injuries by keeping your hands away from the sharp edges when glass breaks.  To make it even safer, the ampoule lid with its sharp edges is held inside SnapIT until you eject it into a sharps bin.

SnapIT is a high-quality anodized aluminum device.

It is offered in two sizes: Pocket Size and Trolley Edition.

The blue or purple Pocket Size SnapIT (SN-01R) can be used on a key ring, hung from a lanyard, or kept in your pocket as a personal safety item. It is suitable for opening most regular-sized ampoules. 

The Extra Large (TE-01XL ) the large red (TE-01L red) and regular black (TE-01R black) Trolley Edition SnapIT openers feature a flat side for convenience. These ampoule openers can easily be laid flat on a bench top, trolley or in a drawer and won’t roll away.















Extra Large

Compatible Ampoule Sizes

1-2ml, 5-10ml, 10-15ml

1-2ml, 5-10ml, 10-15ml

5-10ml, 10-15ml, 20-25ml

20-25ml, 25-30ml


By providing your personnel with a pair of the Trolley Edition SnapIT ampoule openers (TE-01R + TE-01L), you can ensure that everyone is equipped to safely open virtually all glass ampoules in the medication room.


SnapIT openers comply with WPHS standards, are easy to clean and can even be branded with your company logo!


Want to provide your employees with a lighter, more inexpensive yet highly efficient ampoule opener?


SnapIT Lite is almost identical to the original SnapIT except that it is built with lightweight, sturdy and inexpensive plastic components, thereby reducing the overall weight and price of the device. 


SnapIT Lite ampoule openers also feature a hexagonal collar, which prevents rolling when the device is placed on a flat surface.

Supplier: QlickSmart 

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