Our Founder

The Late Mr. Yutaka Takagi

President of Circle Corporation 1980 - 2007

Founder and President of Circle Star 1995 - 2007

When he established Circle Star, our founder and first President, Mr. Yutaka Takagi, was guided by a strong belief in Circle Star’s mission to lead and bridge the gap between innovative Israeli technologies and the need for these technologies in Japan.

We continue to honor his memory and recall his vision on his philosophy of integrating emerging Israeli technology into the Japanese market through Circle Star.

"The Israeli government's ongoing dedication to supporting the R&D efforts of its entrepreneurs enables the export of cost-effective, innovative solutions that can compete in the global marketplace. The connection with Israel allows Circle Corporation to provide the leading Japanese companies we serve with very attractive packages at reasonable costs, and facilitates integrating Israeli innovations into the mass production efforts of these organizations.

Beyond the cost-effectiveness of importing technology from Israel, Israeli innovation is significantly more advanced in many areas, which is why many leading innovations in other markets can be traced back to Israeli R&D. Circle Star's extensive network in Israel and exceptional grasp of the Japanese culture allows for a reliable transfer of knowledge regarding new products emerging from R&D developments in Israel that could potentially suit our customers in Japan."

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