Experts in doing business in Japan
Your company will benefit from Circle-Star’s experience doing business in the Japanese market. Our extensive knowledge and experience of the Japanese business culture allows us to make accurate business decisions about strategic partnerships and business agreements. Our intimate knowledge of Japanese business structures and hierarchies means we can identify the decision-makers who will expedite the deal.

• Leverage our extensive experience

After over 20 years’ experience working in the Japanese market, our team has acquired an intimate knowledge of a range of products, services and technologies. We have represented some of the finest of examples of innovation in a range of diverse industries, including, but not limited to:

- Clean Tech
- Cyber Security
- Automotive
- Water Technologies
- Medical & Life Science
- Telecom
- Information Technology – IT
- New media - Broadcasting, Media Publishers
- Agro Technologies

• Accelerate processes

We only target the most suitable clients for implementing the solution in a fast time-to-market, and in the most cost-effective manner. Our high quality standards also ensure clients are only seeing solutions that have completed rigorous testing and include all promised features functioning properly upon delivery.

• Benefit from our reputation

Circle Star’s reputation and established networks of contacts facilitate all aspects of conducting business that is based on personal relationships that have been cultivated over the years. We’ll minimize risks and increase your profitability while saving you valuable time, effort and money.

• Continued local representation

After completing negotiations, all new business agreements must undergo this tedious process. Circle Star's cultural expertise and ongoing presence in the area is crucial to companies that do not maintain a presence in the region. The importance of maintaining a continuous connection with customers cannot be emphasized enough.

We get things done!

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