De Mayo Knee Positioner®

The De Mayo Knee Positioner® reduces surgeon fatigue and assists in the stabilization of a patient’s leg during surgery.
The unique single locking lever allows for precise control and its ease of use saves surgical time. The same lever releases the boot for testing of ligament stability and ROM testing. The positioner is easily set up in the sterile field on top of the sterile drapes.

Single Locking Lever Allows for Precise Control of Flexion, Extension, Tilt and Rotation

The "Gold Standard" in Knee Positioners

Spring loaded lever on carriage allows precise control of flexion, extension, tilt and rotation Knee holder is like having another pair of hands in the OR
Easily set up in the sterile field over sterile drapes

The De Mayo Universal Distractor™

The De Mayo Universal Distractor™ applies finite pressure to the femur outside the knee joint. It allows an unobstructed view into the posterior capsule without the use of lamina spreaders, or a second pair of hands to apply traction. Maximum view allows for easy insertion of instruments, trials, and implants while performing Uni, TKA, ACL and Tibial Plateau surgeries.

Improves access to the posterior aspect of the joint for removal of osteophytes, resected bone, bone cement, and cautery applications.

Improves MIS techniques for component insertion, and prevents component damage

Opens medial and lateral compartments without the use of a “stress” post

Surgeon controlled distraction of the compartments reducing potential over stress to the patient’s soft tissue

Supplier: Innovative Medical Products Inc.,

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